Oklahoma Ranks Near the Bottom in Overall Education Rankings

Oklahoma finished 49th among the 50 states with an overall grade of D-plus in EdWeek’s Quality Counts 2021 report on educational opportunities and performance.  Oklahoma was one of only five states to receive a D-level grade. The other poor performers were Alabama, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Nevada. Oklahoma received a D grade on school finance, a D on K-12 achievement and a C on the chance for student success.

US News and World Report ranked Oklahoma 44th in Pre-K-12 education based on the percentages of children enrolled in preschool, math and reading test scores among 8th grade students, rates of high school graduation, and readiness for college.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation rated the state 45th based on factors including children not in school, children not proficient in reading or math, and high school students not graduating on time.

In 2021, Wallet Hub rated Oklahoma as one of the least educated states in the country, ranking it 44th. The study examined 18 factors, including educational attainment, school quality, and gender- and race-based achievement gaps.